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Moskva Heliport, Moscow – Tuesday 22nd August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

A visit to the Moscow Heliport allowed us a short hangar tour. Unfortunately it was not a full tour due to ownership of hangar privacy. However nice to see 12 helicopters, 10 of them Robinson’s
At Google Map co-ordinates 55.795226, 37.353698
Noted between
Hangar across ramp which we did not go over to.
RA-06224    Robinson R66    C/n     439    Corporate
RA-06352    Robinson R44    C/n     13382    Private
On the ramp
RA-07251    Eurocopter AS.350B3    C/n     7623    Corporate
RA-06368    Robinson R66    C/n     324    Private
Hangar visit
RA-05790    Robinson R66    C/n     562    Private
RA-05800    Robinson R66    C/n     583    Private
RA-06396    Robinson R44    C/n     2306    Heliport Moscow
RA-06319    Robinson R44    C/n     13274    Private
RA-05759    Robinson R66    C/n     519    Private
Hangar across from visited hangar
RA-04218    Robinson R44    C/n     1331
RA-04220    Robinson R44    C/n     11269    Private
RA-07279    Airbus Helicopters EC.130T2    C/n     7999    Private

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