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Moscow/Sheremetyevo – Monday 21st August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Moscow-Sheremetyevo 2000hrs

HL8025 Airbus A330323E C/n 1611 Korean Air
06 red Ilyushin IL-76MD C/n 1063423800 Uzbekistan Air Force
P4-KDA Airbus A321231 C/n 5357 Air Astana
LZ-FBA Airbus A319112 C/n 3564 Bulgaria Air
VQ-BQM Boeing 7773M0(ER) C/n 41694 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VP-BGB Boeing 7773M0(ER) C/n 41679 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
B-7972 Boeing 73789P C/n 44388 China Southern Airlines
F-HEPA Airbus A320214 C/n 4139 Air France
P4-KBH Airbus A320271N(SL) C/n 7124 Air Astana
OK-OER Airbus A319112 C/n 3892 CSA Czech Airlines

Over Moscow at various times of the day.
B-5971 Airbus A330343E C/n 1614 Lucky Air
RA-86559 Ilyushin IL62M C/n 2153258 Russian Air Force
VQ-BIT Airbus A320214 C/n 4656 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VP-BHL Airbus A319114 C/n 2464 S7 Airlines
RA-78830 Ilyushin IL-76MD C/n 1003401010 Russian Air Force
VQ-BVY Boeing 7378Q8 C/n 32841 Ikar Airlines
VQ-BWD Boeing 7378LJ C/n 41211 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VQ-BET Airbus A320214 C/n 4150 S7 Airlines
VQ-BKG Airbus A321211 C/n 991 Ural Airlines

Photo credit: Sergy

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