UK Airfield Visit

Manchester Museum of Science & Industry – Friday 12th May 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Manchester Museum of Science & Industry 12 May 2017
On a visit ‘downtown’ to find the Russian Visa application office, I decided to have a quick look at the MOSI (Manchester Museum of Science & Industry)

Photographs at:…/jlt_egcc74/albums/72157681587591211

Trip Airfield Albums Folders

Oxford Aviation Group

In the first lobby at the main entrance
BAPC-328 Avro Type F C/n Unknown Preserved

Located in the main aviation / transport display building
BAPC-6 Avro Triplane I C/n Unknown Preserved Coded 14
BAPC-12 Mignet HM.14 C/n SOW.1 Preserved Marked G-ADYO
BAPC-98 Yokosuka MXY-7 C/n Unknown Preserved
BAPC-175 Volmer VJ.23 C/n DC.1 Preserved
BAPC-428 Cody Man-Lifting Kite C/n Unknown Preserved
BGA1156 Elliotts EoN 460 Srs.1 C/n EoN/S/007 Preserved Coded BQT
G-ABAA Avro 504K C/n H2311 Preserved
G-ADAH de Havilland DH-89A C/n 6278 Preserved
G-APUD Bensen B.7Mc C/n 1 Preserved
G-AWZP Hawker-Siddeley Trident 3B C/n 2317 Preserved Marked on nose ZP
G-AYTA Socata MS.880B C/n 1789 Preserved
G-BYMT Solar Wings Pegasus C/n 7549 Private
G-EBZM Avro 594 C/n R3/CN/160 Preserved
G-MJXE Mainair Tri-Flyer C/n 102-131082 Preserved
WG763 English Electric Lightning P.1A C/n 95003 Preserved
WR960 Avro ShackletonAEW.2 C/n WR960 Preserved 60
WZ736 Avro 707A C/n WZ736 Preserved
XG454 Bristol Belvedere HC.1 C/n 13349 Preserved

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