Foreign Airfield Visit

Los Angeles Seattle–Tacoma & King County/Boeing Field – Sunday 23rd June 2019 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

Noted at a grey and cold LAX this morning 0700 – 1200;


N587UW A321 AAL*

N926VA A321N ASA*

N8301J B738 SWA*

B-96999 BD700*

N114QS BD700

N298RB G4

N523AR CL605

N628CC Da2000EX


We then boarded a full N584AS B738 for the 2 1/4 hour flight to Seattle. The following noted on landing and taxi in at 1430 and then from 1700 – 2220 after a trip up to BFI



N107DU A221 DAL*

N174SY EMB170 SKW*

N250SY EMB170 SKW*

N253AK B739 ASA*

N564AS B738 ASA * (last one)

N883DN B739 DAL*

N910NK A320N NKS*

N7820L B73G SWA*

N66897 B739 UAL*

N524XA C550B

N785CL CL350

Boeing FIeld 1550 – 1630

2590 EMB190 Brasilian AF

B-20A8 B738 CES*

N34RZ Be1900 Ameriflight*

N997SB Be99 Ameriflight*

N930DZ B739 DAL*

N8703J B738M SWA*

N8738K B738M SWA*

N8739L B738M SWA*

N1NE BD700

N11WM Da900EX

N38TW Pa31T

N42AL C525M*

N54CJ C525

N74GW Bae125

N80QJ G4

N80WP EA550*

N102DS C510*

N115XP Be400

N123NX PC12

N126AL PC12

N142HQ G450*

N202EX Da2000EX

N208BX C208

N213AL PC12

N222MC CL604

N244 PC12*

N247WE BD700

N368QS C680

N375QS C680*

N393BV BD700

N420CH C525B*

N420KM C750

N426KM C208

N445DB BD700*

N445QS G450

N540QS C680A*

N542LM LJ35A

N547DH SF50

N550BJ C550B

N582QS C680A*

N599TM Be400

N717RS EMB500

N738TS TBM850*

N784TW DC9

N793XJ C750

N801J PC12

N818RC BD100

N887WM G650*

N938QS C750

N956PC PC12

N998QS C750

N7670B BD100*

N8904M TBM850*


N41MP R44*

N155CP R44*

N748AF BK117*

N919DJ R44*

N3417H H269*

Tomorrow we will do one circuit of the various Seattle area Airfields before we fly back tomorrow night to London.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: Marco Dotti


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