Karup & Denmark 2020 tour added (Grant Robinson)

Tour advert for Karup & Denmark – Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th June 2020 (2 day version)

We are currently working up a three day version which takes in all of the two day version plus Copenhagen Airport, Sonderborg (stored ATRs), Egeskov Veteranmuseum (x 10), Helsingør – Danish Museum of Science and Technology (x 28), Skrydstrup (F-16 & F-84 on display) & Vojens (F-84). The three day version enables cheaper flights from Manchester using Copenhagen and back via Billund. Let us know if interested in either version?…….

Join us for two days spotting in Denmark where the Danish Air Force will be hosting the Danish Air Show at Karup. We will also be visiting the excellent Danmarks Flymuseum at Stauning where a good selection of Danish aviation history will be seen. There will also be time for some wrecks & relics and any general aviation fields we come across. Flying in and out from Billund will also give time to see some of the Sun-Air Dornier fleet and the stored ATRs around that field.

After landing at Billund on the morning of Saturday 13th, we will first look around the airport and then continue on to the Danmarks Flymuseum at Stauning where around 45 aircraft should be seen. Then on to Arnborg (general aviation), Herning Town (F-100), Herning (general aviation), Viborg (general aviation), Bjerrinbro (F-104 & Draken) and lastly Randers (F-84). We will overnight at the city of Viborg, just a short drive from Karup.

Most of Sunday 14th, will be spent at the Danish Air Show being held at Karup. As this is the annual and sole Royal Danish Air Force show, a good turnout from the home team can be expected. We will also look out for the few wrecks & relics to possibly be seen around this base and town. We return to the UK that evening from Billund.

Tour cost is £164 From STN, £214 From LHR or MAN for £284. This includes the return flights, one nights hotel and two days ground transport.

This price includes flights, hotel, ground transport, museum & air show entrance fees.

Not included is food.

2 thoughts on “Karup & Denmark 2020 tour added (Grant Robinson)

  1. Hi Grant
    my Brother and I may be interested in the extend Denmark tour ,I await further details and prices ect thanks in advance Trev Read

    1. Hello Trevor. Just tagged you via Facebook about this or you can now see the 3 day version on the website now too. Let me know if interested?….

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