Foreign Airfield Visit

Honolulu – Sunday 8th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

Seen from Room 916 of the Best Western Hotel today between 0645 and 2200 have been:

00-0171 C17 RCH

01-1462 C103J USAF

02-1100 C17 RCH

05-5139 C17 RCH

05-5147 C17 RCH

07-7188 C17 RCH

58-0122 KC135R RCH*

59-1519 KC135R RCH

61-0293 KC135R RCH

84-0061 C5M RCH

165834 C40 USN

166693 C40 USN

168067 KC130J USMC*

169792 C40A USN*

169793 C40 USN


B-18903 A359 CAL



HL7775 B777 AAR

HL8025 A333 KAL

HL8208 B773 KAL

JA381A A388 ANA

JA382A A388 ANA

JA606J B763 JAL

JA607J B763 JAL

JA873J B789 JAL

JA875J B789 JAL*

JA879J B789 JAL

JA880J B789 JAL*

JA890A B789 ANA

N121AN A321 AAL

N124AA A321 AAL

N125AA A321 AAL

N130AN A321 AAL

N180DN B763 DAL

N182DN B763 DAL

N184DN B763 DAL

N213UA B777 UAL

N234AX B767 OAE

N270AY A333 AAL

N342AX B763 OAE

N399CM B763 ATN

N413AS B739 ASA

N423AS B739 ASA

N459AS B739 ASA

N483AS B739 ASA

N508AS B738 ASA

N512AS B738 ASA

N534AS B738 ASA

N540US B757 DAL

N543US B757 DAL

N544US B757 DAL

N581UP B744F UPS

N583AS B738 ASA

N587NW B753 DAL


N651UA B763 UAL

N743CK B744F CKS

N752CX B757 ATN

N768UA B777 UAL

N772UA B777 UAL

N773UA B777 UAL

N777UA B777 UAL

N779UA B777 UAL

N780UA B777 UAL

N781UA B777 UAL

N787UA B777 UAL

N795UA B777 UAL

N801AC B788 AAL

N814NW A333 DAL

N815NW A333 DAL

N817NW A333 DAL

N819AN B788 AAL

N822DX B757 DAL

N834AA B789 AAL

N884FD B777F FDX

N887FD B777F FDX

N893FD B777F FDX

N1013A B763F GTI

N1489A B763F GTI

N8306H B738 SWA

N8309C B738 SWA

N8317H B738 SWA

N8318F B738 SWA

N8319F B738 SWA

N8320J B738 SWA

N8321D B738 SWA

N8324A B738 SWA

N8325D B738 SWA

N8327A B738 SWA

N36280 B738 UAL

N65832 B739 UAL

N68811 B739 UAL

N69819 B739 UAL

N69885 B739 UAL

N75425 B739 UAL

N75432 B739 UAL

N77871 B753 UAL

RP-C8784 A333 PAL



N155QS BD700 EJA

N550PL G550

N604WA CL604

N840MA C208B Mokulele*

N921ED Da50


12-20436 UH60M USAF*

12-20487 UH60M USAF*

12-20528 UH60M USAF*

12-20553 UH60M USAF*

6528 HH65A USCG*

N58243 H369D*

A CH47F Chinook landed at Hickam. Was sending HEX AE5254. Can anyone tie this up please?

N161DS S2A

N191AR C172

N243SP C172

N251M CH300

N274MM C172

N325SP C172

N429ES C172

N691YW Da40

N734ZC C172

N778DS Da40

N2120M SR20

N2875Q C172

N3184U C182

N3927 C172

N3929 C172

N4643W RC114

N6109L AA1

N9512F C172

N44618 Pa32

N66540 C172

N80919 GC1B

I will report back tomorrow with my first trip out and what is seen at Honolulu before and after.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: David Skeggs

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