Foreign Airfield Visit

Honolulu, Honolulu Army Museum & Kaneohe Bay – Tuesday 10th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

Logged this morning 0700 – 1045 and this evening 1630 – 2200

01-1462 C130J USAF

58-0027 KC135R Utah ANG USAF (arrived with 2 F16’s)

58-0122 KC135R USAF

79-1713 KC10A USAF

90-0533 C17A USAF*

163591 KC130T USN

165159 KC130T USN




HL7783 B773 KAL

HL8211 A332 KAL

JA381A A388 ANA

JA382A A388 ANA

JA616J B763 JAL

JA618J B763 JAL

JA844J B788 JAL

JA873J B789 JAL

JA876J B789 JAL

JA878J B789 JAL

JA879J B789 JAL

JA922A B789 ANA

N120EE A321 AAL

N124AA A321 AAL

N127AA A321 AAL

N132AN A321 AAL

N178DZ B763 DAL

N182DN B763 DAL

N202HA A321N HAL*

N213UA B777 UAL

N214UA B777 UAL

N225AX B767 OAE

N225UA B777 UAL

N234AX B767 OAE

N276AY A333 AAL


N332UP B763F UPS

N399CM B763F ATN

N434AS B739 ASA

N474AS B739 ASA

N517AS B738 ASA

N519AS B738 ASA

N559AS B738 ASA

N574UP B744F UPS

N588AS B738 ASA

N594NW B753 DAL


N608UP B748F UPS

N745CK B744F CKS

N773UA B777 UAL

N779UA B777 UAL

N781UA B777 UAL

N810NW A333 DAL

N814AA B788 AAL

N814NW A333 DAL

N816AA B788 AAL

N821AN B789 AAL

N851FD B777F FDX

N862FD B777F FDX

N892FD B777F FDX

N1013A B763 GTI

N1381A B763 GTI

N8303R B738 SWA

N8308K B738 SWA

N8314L B738 SWA

N8316H B738 SWA

N8317H B738 SWA

N8318F B738 SWA

N8322X B738 SWA

N8326F B738 SWA

N8328A B738 SWA

N57855 B753 UAL

N68802 B739 UAL

N68836 B739 UAL

N69835 B739 UAL

N74007 B777 UAL

RP-C8789 A333 PAL


N126EB G550

N399LA PC12*

N750GX BD7500

N779LC G2B L3 Communications

N865MA C208B Mokulele

12-20483 UH60M*

N545PH H369D*


N727GH SR22T

N3715R C172

N6009V C172

First call after leaving the Hotel was the Honolulu Army Museum. This is located in a park near to the Docks. They have an AH1 displayed on the roof which is easily seen if you do not want to pay the $25 entry fee.

67-15796 AH1S*

From here I took a scenic coastal drive around to Kanehoe Bay. It is unfortunate that a lot of the beaches and Scenic look out points are inhabited by the destitute population in their home made tents and all their worldly belongings in supermarket trolleys. It somewhat spoils the whole experience. There are more here than I think I have seen anywhere in the world so anyone thinking of visiting make sure you keep all your belongings very well secured as the atmosphere is distinctly unfriendly.

After picking up some sandwiches and drink at a local deli I enjoyed a couple of hours sat at He’eia Kea Small Boat Harbor. This is directly under the approach to Kaneohe Bay MCAS. The airport is not visible from the outside. However, from the boat harbour everything on the aprons can be seen but sadly not read off. However, the place was exceptionally busy with many F18s circuit bashing. Besides those logged below there were UH1Y, AH1, MV22B and 6 Jolly Greens which didnt move. In all looks like around 20 F18s here.

Those below arrived during my visit 1245 – 1440

151392 P3C USN* (fuselage only on dump)

159326 P3C USN*

161405 P3C USN*

161586 P3C USN*

168852 P8A USN*

91-0514 C26D USN*

92-0370 C26D USN*

158748 R53D USN* (Gate Guard)

166532 MH60R USN*

166542 MH60R USN*

166543 MH60R USN

11-72205 UH72A US Army* overflew low level

N327AX Hawker Hunter

N328AX Hawker Hunter.

Not often you see two hunters in tight formation circuit bashing!

After another scenic drive through the mountains I returned to Honolulu to see out the rest of the day. Log is included above.

My last full day in Hawaii tomorrow so will report back from here with a log for Honolulu and the two remaining airfields on the Island I haven’t yet visited.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: Steven Valinski

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