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Honolulu – Friday 6th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

After having a couple of hours in the First Class Lounge at Sydney, which is complete with an old style clapperboard departure board, I parted company with Royston and boarded VH-EBN A332 for the 9 hours 30 mins flight to Honolulu.

After a pretty bumpy climb-out the flight was smooth allowing for plenty of sleep in preparation for having the day just completed again.

A smooth approach and landing was made at Honolulu. Unfortunately it was raining (warm rain though) so the wet days continue. Customs is now using the Auto machines which makes things so much quicker. Within 30 minutes I was on the road.

I had planned today to spend this morning on Waikiki Beach before heading back to the Airport to check in. Rather than lay on the Beach I did a fair bit of walking and enjoyed lunch in one of the many Bistro’s that line the streets in Waikiki. It felt more like Tokyo with thousands of Japanese Tourists everywhere.

After lunch I headed back to the Airport and made a run along Lagoon rive logging as I went. I then headed to my Hotel, The Best Western Plaza. I have room 916 which is a corner room so I can see both approaches as well as the hangers and cargo area beyond runways o4L/R.

Logged on a busy afternoon/evening from 1430 – 2200. For completeness I have logged everything that has flown with the exception of Hawaiian where I have logged just those I needed.

165349 C130T USN*

165834 C40A CNV

05-5142 C17 RCH

06-6158 C17 RCH

64-14839 KC135R RCH IL ANG

87-0039 C5M RCH

A39-003 A332MRTT ASY




JA381A A388 ANA*

JA382A A388 ANA*

JA617J B763 JAL

JA618J B763 JAL

JA835J B788 JAL

JA876J B789 JAL*

JA877J B789 JAL

JA878J B789 JAL*

JA882A B789 ANA

N120EE A321 AAL

N124AA A321 AAL

N133AN A321 AAL

N134AN A321 AAL

N215UA B777 UAL

N221LM SD360 MUI*

N226HA A321N HAL*

N227HA A321N HAL*


N271AY A333 AAL

N302KH B733F AAH

N306AL B737 MUI

N326TR B737 MUI

N342AX B763F OAE

N351TA SD360 MUI*

N360WA B733F NAC

N388HA A332 HAL* (last one)

N399CM B763F ATI

N475HA B717 HAL*

N477AS B739 ASA

N477HA B717 HAL*

N478HA B717 HAL*

N479HA B717 HAL*

N481HA B717 HAL*

N483HA B717 HAL*

N484HA B717 HAL*

N485HA B717 HAL*

N486HA B717 HAL*

N488HA B717 HAL*

N489HA B717 HAL*

N492HA B717 HAL*

N531AS B738 ASA

N533AS B738 ASA

N534AS B738 ASA

N537US B757 DAL

N540US B757 DAL

N541US B757 DAL

N559AS B738 ASA


N579AS B738 ASA* (last 800)

N583AS B738 ASA

N592NW B753 DAL


N644UA B763 UAL

N669HA DC9 HAL (in use at the technical school)

N708CK B744 CKS

N729PC SD360 MUI (wreck noted in a car park)

N737CS B737 MUI

N768UA B777 UAL

N771UA B777 UAL

N773UA B777 UAL

N775UA B777 UAL

N779UA B777 UAL

N780UA B777 UAL

N781UA B777 UAL

N787UA B777 UAL

N801AC B788 AAL


N801NW A333 DAL


N807AA B788 AAL

N808KR SD360 MUI*

N808TR SD360 MUI*

N809TA B737 MUI*

N810TA B737 MUI

N811NW A333 DAL

N818NW A333 DAL

N819AX B777 OAE

N825AA B789 AAL

N827BE SD360 MUI

N859FD B777F FDX

N883FD B777F FDX

N884FD B777F FDX

N888LT B757F Asia Pacific Cargo

N1381A B763F GTI

N1407A B763F GTI

N4476F SD360 MUI

N8302F B738 SWA

N8306H B738 SWA

N8308K B738 SWA

N8312C B738 SWA

N8313F B738 SWA

N8318F B738 SWA

N8319F B738 SWA

N8325D B738 SWA

N8326F B738 SWA

N9706N DC6 Kamaka Air (wreck stored with N729PC)

N68801 B739 UAL

N69813 B739 UAL* (last 900)

N69826 B739 UAL

N75433 B739 UAL

N75858 B753 UAL

N77871 B753 UAL


N13GZ Be90*

N16FN LJ36

N26FN LJ36*

N53DD C550

N60VP Be90*

N86 CL601

N145KA C208*

N191WS HA420*

N192WS HA420*

N208PK C208

N208VV C208*

N236KA C208B*

N248KA C208B*

N276GC CL604

N286JR BD100*

N338RT C208A*

N370JL G3 (stored with the DC3 and SD360)

N499LA PC12*

N595LA PC12*

N731LC C208*

N732LC C208*

N785FE C208 FDX

N799LA PC12*

N808MA C208 Mokulele*

N825MA C208 Mokulele*

N839MA C208 Mokulele*

N852MA C208 Mokulele*

N887MA C208 Mokulele*

N899YF G650

N902TS Be90

N903FE C208 FDX

N904FE C208 FDX

N907WS BD700

N910FE C208 FDX

N911ZC Be90*

N911ZE Be90*

N914FE C208 FDX

N926FE C208 FDX*

N937CK C208

N977FE C208 FDX

N979FE C208 FDX

N985EL BD700

N1083S Be90*

N2150 C208

N7668B P68*

N135PB Pa31

N227AK Pa31

N680DS Da40

N747KK C172

N778DS Da40

N3536G C172

N4338V Pa28

N7315Q C182

N8299T Pa32

12-20444 UH60M*

69-15650 UH1H (in use at the Technical school)

N6KT R22B*

N11QF EC130*

N11QN EC130*

N11QP EC130*

N217DK R44*

N357MH H369*

N369MH H369*

N555YE EC135*

N556MH H369*

N805NV R44*

N808PH B407*

N908PS EC130*

N948WB R22B

N7062F R22B*

7 F35s flew this afternoon in long formation take off. Whilst I couldn’t make out the serials there were 4 TY and 3 HH ones flying.

I have a full day here tomorrow so will report back then with a log.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: Galen Burrows

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