Foreign Airfield Visit

Honolulu, Dillingham, Barbers Point & Wheeler – 11th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

Logged today on a sunny dry and warm day.

Honolulu 0700 – 1045 and 1530 – 2200

05-5148 C17 USAF

05-5151 C17 USAF

05-5152 C17 USAF

05-5153 C17 USAF

14-5864 C130J USAF*

86-0029 KC10A USAF*

90-0533 C17 USAF

97-0048 C17 USAF

99-0060 C17 USAF

168071 KC130J USN

A41-207 C17 RAAF


B-18917 A359 CAL



HL8276 A332 KAL

JA381A A388 ANA

JA606J B763 JAL

JA618J B763 JAL

JA778A B773 ANA

JA873J B789 JAL

JA876J B789 JAL

JA879J B789 JAL

JA880J B789 JAL

JA886A B789 ANA

N119NN A321 AAL

N124AA A321 AAL

N127AA A321 AAL

N131NN A321 AAL

N132AN A321 AAL

N175DZ B763 DAL

N207AX B767 OAE

N212UA B777 UAL

N215UA B777 UAL


N278AY A333 AAL


N360UP B763F UPS

N477MC B744F GTI

N478AS B739 ASA

N506AS B738 ASA

N531AS B738 ASA

N572UP B744F UPS

N575UP B744F UPS

N581NW B753 DAL

N588AS B738 ASA

N594AS B738 ASA


N745CK B744F CKS

N752CX B757 ATN

N775UA B777 UAL

N780UA B777 UAL

N781UA B777 UAL

N794UA B777 UAL

N806NW A333 DAL

N807AA B788 AAL

N811NW A333 DAL

N817AN B788 AAL

N820SY B738 SCX

N823DX B757 DAL*

N833AA B789 AAL

N851FD B777F FDX

N880FD B777F FDX

N892FD B777F FDX

N1013A B763F GTI

N1361A B763F GTI

N1602 B763 DAL

N8303R B738 SWA

N8310C B738 SWA

N8316H B738 SWA

N8320J B738 SWA

N8321D B738 SWA

N8322X B738 SWA

N8326F B738 SWA

N8327A B738 SWA

N8328A B738 SWA

N37419 B739 UAL

N38459 B739 UAL

N61882 B739 UAL

N69835 B739 UAL

N73278 B738 UAL

N75432 B739 UAL

N78060 B764 UAL


01-0028 C37A USAF

166375 C37A USN

N74A G2B

N92NG PC12*

N104QS BD700 EJA

N178B G2B

N180CH G4

N857MA C208B Mokulele*

N911ZF Be90*

N437MY B407

N873SH AS350B

N111GA Pa31

N337N C337

N424P Pa31

N574DM SR20

N808PM C421C

N2122P CSA Czech Sport

N36424 Pa28

First stop after leaving the Hotel was Dillingham Airfield right in the NW Corner of Oahu Island. This is home to the Gliding and Skydiving activities on the Island. Besides the Caravans below there were about half a dozen light on the apron. No gliders out being a weekday but judging by the size of the hanger I would imagine quite a number here.

Noted on a visit 1145 – 1215

N248PA C208B*

N900SA C208B*

N989BW C208B*

N9454F C208A*

Then it was a quick drive down to Barbers Point for a C130 that arrived earlier this morning. Noted on a 5 minute stop 1235 – 1240

14-5796 C130J USAF*

58-0122 KC135R USAF

1790 C130 USCG*

165349 C130 USN

Then I followed Highway 76 up to Wheeler AAF. Not expecting to see much here I found a piece of rough ground on the far side of the field with a few locals and watched the action Noted between 1305 – 1500

11-72200 UH72A US Army*

11-72202 UH72A US Army

11-72203 UH72A US Army*

11-72204 UH72A US Army*

12-20436 UH60M US Army

12-20439 UH60M US Army

12-20442 UH60M US Army*

12-20444 UH60M US Army

12-20445 UH60M US Army*

12-20483 UH60M US Army

12-20487 UH60M US Army

12-20489 UH60M US Army

12-20518 UH60M US Army

12-20528 UH60M US Army

12-20529 UH60M US Army*

12-20546 UH60M US Army*

12-20553 UH60M US Army

12-20595 UH60M US Army*

64-15245 OH23G US Army (Gate Guard)

67-15744 AH1F US Army (Gate Guard)

69-15127 UH1H US Army* (Gate Guard)

70-15358 OH58A US Army* (Gate Guard)

95-26635 UH60L US Army*

96-00126 OH58D US Army* (Gate Guard)

96-26705 UH60L US Army*

There were many more present that were mainly nose on so unable to read.

I then headed back to HNL for the rest of the day.

Today they have been on 22s which is unusual. I was therefore able to read the following F22’s this afternoon which departed in two waves.

HH 047, 053, 054, 057, 080

TY 092. 093

I leave Honolulu early tomorrow on the next leg of my trip. I will report back tomorrow eve with anything new noted plus a log for my onward destination. Hopefully my flight is on time tomorrow as it departed 3 hours late this morning!

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: Taylor Kim

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