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Honolulu, Barbers Point & Pearl Harbor- Monday 9th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

Another showery day with temperatures in the high 20c’s.

Noted today at Honolulu 0700 – 1115 and from 1830 to 2200:

00-0171 C17 USAF

05-5146 C17 USAF*

05-5152 C17 USAF*

05-5153 C17 USAF

165349 C130 USMC

166693 C40A USN

169535 KC130J USMC*

64-14839 KC135R USAF

79-1713 KC10A USAF

87-0123 KC10A USAF departed shortly after 6 USN F18s calling PESKY 41 flight. The KC10A returned about 9 hours after.

A39-003 A332 RAAF

A41-207 C17 RAAF





HL8002 A333 KAL

JA381A A388 ANA

JA607J B763 JAL

JA621J B763 JAL

JA781A B773 ANA

JA873J B789 JAL

JA876J B789 JAL

JA878J B789 JAL

JA880J B789 JAL

JA898A B789 ANA

N119NN A321 AAL

N122NN A321 AAL

N131NN A321 AAL

N135NN A321 AAL

N152DL B763 DAL

N184DN B763 DAL

N207AX B767 OAE

N212UA B777 UAL

N213UA B777 UAL

N214HA A321N HAL*

N271AY A333 AAL

N342AX B763 OAE

N342UP B763F UPS

N399CM B763F ATN

N457AS B739 ASA

N483AS B739 ASA

N487AS B739 ASA

N517AS B738 ASA

N529AS B738 ASA

N538AS B738 ASA

N540US B757 DAL

N557AS B738 ASA

N566AS B738 ASA

N569AS B738 ASA

N583UP B744F UPS

N593NW B753 DAL

N618UP B748F UPS*

N651UA B763 UAL

N688SL B757F Asia Pacific Airlines

N700CK B744F CKS

N768UA B777 UAL

N769UA B777 UAL

N772UA B777 UAL

N775UA B777 UAL

N778UA B777 UAL

N781UA B777 UAL

N807NW A333 DAL

N814NW A333 DAL

N816NW A333 DAL

N817AN B788 AAL

N827AN B789 AAL

N856GT B748F GTI

N887FD B777F FDX

N893FD B777F FDX

N1361A B763 GTI

N1489A B763 GTI

N1604R B763 DAL

N8302F B738 SWA

N8306H B738 SWA

N8310C B738 SWA

N8314L B738 SWA

N8316H B738 SWA*

N8317H B738 SWA

N8322X B738 SWA

N8323C B738 SWA

N8324A B738 SWA

N8326F B738 SWA

N8329B B738 SWA

N36472 B739 UAL

N37281 B738 UAL

N57868 B753 UAL

N62884 B739 UAL

N66057 B764 UAL

N66893 B739 UAL

N69838 B739 UAL




N8CA C208B*

N104AD G4

N699LA PC12

N911ZD Be90*

N928WK Da2000EX

166543 MH60R USN*

12-20489 UH60M USAF*

N715SG R44*

N727GH SR22

N5040U C206

From Honolulu Airport I headed West on Interstate H1 to Barbers Point. We flew right over this on the approach the other morning with most things seen from that vantage point. A circuit of the field at 1145 produced the following. A lot of work is going on here as it will eventually be the Exec field for Honolulu rather than the main Airport.

1703 C130 USCG*

1706 C130 USCG*

1713 C130 USCG*

1720 C130 USCG*

152169 P3A USN*

160770 P3C USN

02-1100 C17 USAF

58-0122 KC135R USAF


148043 UH3H USN*

152701 UH3H USN*

156694 CH53 USN*

162102 SH60B USN*

07-08741 CH47F US Army*

08-08764 CH47F US Army*

08-08767 CH47F US Army*

11-08835 CH47F US Army*

12-08103 CH47F US Army*

69-15708 UH1H USAF*

N760HT S61N*

From here I made the short drive back to the Pearl Harbor visitor Center. You have to come here and register before you can visit any of the Pearl Harbor Monuments and Museums as all of this is on an active Military Base. You will need to have your Passport with you. Once the formalities were complete a shuttle bus takes you and drops you on the base adjacent to the various attractions. The place opens at 0930 and judging by the vast numbers of cars and buses in the Parking Lot I would think it can take a long while to be processed at that time. Arriving at lunchtime I was done and on a bus in 15 minutes.

I visited the Pacific Aviation Museum whilst here and enjoyed a rather nice lunch in the Restaurant overlooking Pearl Harbor and reflected on what happened here nearly 80 years ago.

44-31504 NA B25J USAF*

138963 HH34J USN*

152700 UH3H USN*

153965 CH46E USN*

162348 SH60B USN*

66-15298 AH1S USAF*

I then headed bag to Honolulu for the remainder of the evening. The log incorporated as above.

I will report back tomorrow with another log for the Honolulu area.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: airteamimages

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