UK Airfield Visit

Hinton-in-the-Hedges – 9th June 2021 (John Tomlinson)

Another friendly field, however on arrival I could only see the skydivers about. So whilst walking about the field, permission was granted as I came across those working in the various areas/hangars.

My photographs at:



Noted between 1400-1430hrs and in order as seen.

I have tried to indicate what aircraft were in different canvas hangars. Hope that may help someone.

G-KWET Cessna 150L C/n 150-75360 Private
G-BYCA Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-7125223 Private

G-CJHF Aeropro Eurofox3K C/n LAA 376-15399 Private
G-DESU Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21180 Private
G-CGCT Schempp-Hirth Discusb C/n 360 Private
G-CGBJ Grob G.102 C/n 1107 Private
G-CHXV Schleicher ASK-13 C/n 13080 Private

G-BFIU Reims-Cessna FR.172K C/n 591 Private

G-DBWS Slingsby T.51 C/n 1502 Private
G-DDKR Grob G.102 C/n 1327 Private (Wings in separate hangar)

HA-ANG WSK-PZL An-2P C/n 1G132-53 Trener Air
G-RVZZ Van’s RV-7 C/n 72805 Private
G-BORK Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-8116095 Private
G-BWWF Cessna 185A C/n 185-0240 Private
G-GWMB Pacific Aerospace 750XL C/n 185 Hinton Skydiving Centre

G-AVNY Sportavia-Putzer RF-4D C/n 4029 Private
G-MRJP Silence Aircraft Twister C/n LAA 329-14972 Private
G-DUDE Van’s RV-8 C/n PFA 303-13246 Private

G-BCTI Schleicher ASK-16 C/n 16029 Private

G-BCPD Gardan GY-201 C/n 18 Private
G-BZRV Van’s RV-6 C/n PFA 181A-13573 Private
G-BGPI Plumb BGP.1 C/n PFA 083-10359 Private

G-CEPW Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 C/n PFA 330-14293 Private
G-JIMZ Van’s RV-4 C/n 2488 Private

G-ASCM Isaacs FuryII C/n PFA 2002/1B Private
G-BLXH Alpavia RF-3 C/n 39 Private

G-OBIC Robin DR.400180R C/n 1545 Private
G-ARVO Piper PA-1895 C/n 18-7252 Private

G-AVEY Currie Super Wot C/n PFA 3006 Private
G-CUBW WAG-Aero CUBy C/n PFA 108-13581 Private
G-CLMA Van’s RV-12 C/n LAA 363-15502 Private

G-BKTM PZL-Bielsko SZD-45 C/n B.656 Private

G-BEGG Scheibe SF-25E C/n 4326 Private

G-BXVO Van’s RV-6A C/n PFA 181-12575 Private

Others noted in hangars
G-BMAO Taylor JT.1 Monoplane C/n PFA 1411 Private
G-CFTL Schleicher ASW-20CL C/n 20751 Private

Far Side
G-CHIH Aeropro Eurofox C/n LAA 376-15130 Private
G-DGDJ Rolladen-Schneider LS-4A C/n 4832 Private

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