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Grenchen – Sunday 2nd April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Next was the disappointing visit to Grenchen~Solothurn.
Quite a large complex, however whilst prior contact had been made, they said that they were too busy to accommodate us.
So a few aircraft noted from the perimeter.
Noted between 1800-1830hrs
Preserved on a pole outside the airport:
MM6830    Fiat F-104S-ASA    C/n     783-1130    Preserved
Displayed on top of Airport Hotel.
RA-44519    Large or Full Scale Model of Sukhoi Su-26    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
HA-ABA    WSK-PZL An-2P    C/n     1G234-23    Antonov Verein Schweiz
HB-CGB    Reims-Cessna F.172P    C/n     2137    Flugschule Birrer
HB-CHA    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1901    Flugschule Birrer
HB-CVL    Reims-Cessna FA.150K    C/n     54    Private
HB-DVM    Mooney M.20E    C/n     670003    Private
HB-DWI    Mooney M.20F    C/n     22-1411    Private
HB-LHA    Cessna 335    C/n     335-0030    Private
HB-LKU    Cessna 340A    C/n     340A-0493    EFOS Flight-Charter AG
HB-LYY    Cessna 414A Chancellor    C/n     414A0415    Corporate
HB-LZC    Cessna 340A    C/n     340A-1263    Private
HB-LZZ    Cessna 340A    C/n     340A-0731    Private
HB-NCS    Rockwell Commander 114    C/n     14356    Flugschule Birrer
HB-NCT    Rockwell Commander 112A    C/n     442    Private
HB-POX    Piper PA-28181    C/n     2890159    Private
HB-PQW    Piper PA-46350P    C/n     4622051
HB-VYS    Embraer EMB-505    C/n     50500181    Corporate
N21FS    Beech 3TM    C/n     CA-138    Private
N223CM    Beech 3NM    C/n     CA-223    Private
N5EQ    Piper PA-46350P    C/n     4636051    Private

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