Past Tours

Gatwick, Jurmala, Riga & Moscow/Sheremetyevo – Saturday 19th August 2017 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,
now fresh from an excellent August trip to Moscow and a job change
in September, I’m now finding time to get on with the logging and the many photographs taken.

Having spoken with John Tomlinson recently, I know that he has been sending out logs for the rest of the trip. As he and Garry Dunne departed from  Manchester and arrived at Moscow via Charles de Gaulle, they will have a different first day log to us.

The Southern section of this tour assembled at Gatwick ready for our Air
Baltic CS300 flight out to Riga. The following were seen between

A6-EOI                        Airbus A380-861            Emirates Airline
B-LRQ                         Airbus A350-941            Cathay Pacific
C-FOGJ                       Boeing 767-338ER            WestJet Airlines
C-FOGT                      Boeing 767-338ER            WestJet Airlines
C-FWSK                      Boeing 737-7CT            WestJet Airlines
C-GJDA                       Airbus A330-243            Air Transat
C-GSAT                       Airbus A310-308            Air Transat
C-GUBD                     Airbus A330-243            Air Transat
CS-TTI                        Airbus A319-111            TAP Portugal
EC-JHK                       Boeing 737-85P            Air Europa
EC-MAN                     Airbus A320-214            Vueling Airlines
EC-MIQ                      Airbus A319-111            Vueling Airlines
EI-DWV                      Boeing 737-8AS            Ryanair
EI-EML                        Boeing 737-8AS            Ryanair
EI-FHD                        Boeing 737-8JP            Norwegian Air
EI-FHE                        Boeing 737-8Q8            Norwegian Air
EI-FHK                        Boeing 737-8JP            Norwegian Air
EI-FHU                        Boeing 737-8JP            Norwegian Air
EI-FHY                        Boeing 737-8JP            Norwegian Air
EI-FZK                         Boeing 737-800            Ryanair
G-EZFF                        Airbus A319-111            easyJet Airline
G-EZIN                        Airbus A319-111            easyJet Airline
G-EZOB                      Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZOI                        Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZOM                      Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZPD                       Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZRC                       Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZRE                       Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZUL                       Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZWD                      Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-EZWX                      Airbus A320-214            easyJet Airline
G-FDZE                       Boeing 737-8K5            TUI Airlines UK
G-GATH                      Airbus A320-233            British Airways
G-GATJ                       Airbus A320-211            British Airways
G-GATK                       Airbus A320-233            British Airways
G-GATM                      Airbus A320-233            British Airways
G-GATN                       Airbus A320-232            British Airways
G-GATP                        Airbus A320-232            British Airways
G-GATR                        Airbus A320-232            British Airways
G-GATS                        Airbus A320-232            British Airways
G-GDFE                        Boeing 737-3Q8(QC)            Jet2
G-JMOF                        Boeing 757-330            Thomas Cook Airlines
G-JMOG                       Boeing 757-330            Thomas Cook Airlines
G-OZBI                        Airbus A321-231            Monarch Airlines
G-OZBL                       Airbus A321-231            Monarch Airlines
G-TAWD                      Boeing 737-8K5            TUI Airlines UK
G-TAWM                     Boeing 737-8K5            TUI Airlines UK
G-TCDB                       Airbus A321-231            Thomas Cook Airlines
G-TCDV                       Airbus A321-211            Thomas Cook Airlines
G-TCXB                        Airbus A330-243            Thomas Cook
G-TUIA                        Boeing 787-8            Thomson Airways
G-TUIE                        Boeing 787-8            TUI Airlines UK
G-TUIK                        Boeing 787-9            TUI Airlines UK
G-VBIG                        Boeing 747-4Q8            Virgin Atlantic
G-VGEM                      Airbus A330-343X            Virgin Atlantic
G-VROM                     Boeing 747-443            Virgin Atlantic Airways
G-ZBAK                        Airbus A321-231            Monarch Airlines
G-ZBAU                       Airbus A320-214            Monarch Airlines
HB-JYB                        Airbus A319-111            easyJet Switzerland
LN-DYV                       Boeing 737-8JP            Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NGF                       Boeing 737-8JP            Norwegian Air Shuttle
LZ-AOA                       Airbus A319-112            Bulgarian Eagle
OE-IVA                        Airbus A320-214            easyJet Europe
SP-ENM                      Boeing 737-8CX            Enter Air
TC-JTJ                         Airbus A321-231            Turkish Airlines
TF-AMV                      Boeing 747-412            Air Atlanta
Icelandic/Med-View Airlines
YL-CSE                        Bombardier CSeries CS300    flew on to Riga
Air Baltic
YL-LCO                        Airbus A320-214            SmartLynx
Airlines/Thomas Cook Airlines
YL-LCP                        Airbus A320-232            Monarch Airlines
YL-LCT                        Airbus A320-214            SmartLynx Airlines
YL-LCU                        Airbus A320-214            SmartLynx Airlines

We flew on Bombardier CSeries CS300, YL-CSE of Air Baltic to Riga. The
flight was BT652 and lasted just over 2 hours.

On departure, those of us on the right would have seen 4 aircraft sat
outside at the nearby Gatwick Aviation Museum located at Charlwood.
Photograph can be seen at;

WR982/J                 Avro Shackleton MR.3
XN923                     Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.1
(E-430)                    Hawker Hunter F.51    Danish (in Royal Navy c/s)
WP308/CU-572      Hunting Percival Sea Prince T.1

As we approached Latvia along the coastline from the West, we flew close to Jurmala Airport. Jurmala used to be named Tukums Air Base and was a former Soviet military base. From a couple of pictures I took from the air, I believe we saw EK-74957 An-74 and 3X-GGU IL-18D parked out on the airfield.

The request is for confirmation of these two aircraft if anyone can provide
it please…..the picture can be seen at;

After landing at Riga, we had a relatively small transit time before needing
to be at the gate for our Aeroflot flight to Moscow. Because of this we had
to be content with viewing the excellent Riga Aviation Museum from just the terminal. You can see most of it easily as shown by the log below.

Just for information, this museum is only a 5 minute walk away from the
terminal. It must have one of the largest collection of Soviet types outside
of Russia? Pictures can be seen at;

The airport terminal is easy to spot from with big large windows everywhere and photographs can be managed easily. We didn’t seem to bother the locals much and security personnel paid no attention to us at all.

Seen around the Riga airfield;

EI-DLN          Boeing 737-8AS            Ryanair
HA-LYJ           Airbus A320-232            Wizz Air
OH-ATP         Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-500   Nordic Regional
OK-JFA          Hawker 400XP
OK-PPP         Hawker 400XP
RA-89058     Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100    Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
TC-MKA        Cessna 550 Citation Bravo
UR-CII           Airbus A320-212            Dart Airlines
(VQ-BCB)      EMBRAER EMB-120ER Brasilia       RusLine
VQ-BFB         Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200ER       RusLine
VQ-BNB        Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-100ER       RusLine
VQ-BNL         Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-100ER       RusLine
VQ-BOV        Bombardier Challenger 850
YL-BAE          de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8     Air Baltic
YL-BAF          de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8     Air Baltic
YL-BBD         Boeing 737-53S       Air Baltic
YL-BBE         Boeing 737-53S        Air Baltic
YL-BBV         de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8     Air Baltic
YL-CSB          Bombardier CSeries CS300       Air Baltic
YL-CSC          Bombardier CSeries CS300       Air Baltic
YL-CSF          Bombardier CSeries CS300       Air Baltic
YL-CSG         Bombardier CSeries CS300       Air Baltic
YL-HCH        Bell 429 GlobalRanger
YL-RAI          Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-202     RAF-Avia
YR-FKA         Fokker 100            Carpatair

The requests are for;
overall white c/s Boeing 737 stored terminal side

overall white c/s CRJ200 stored terminal far side to the left of the Rusline

Seen at the Latvijas Aviacijas Tehnikes Muzejs:
22 blue          Aero L-29 Maya            Soviet
26 red            Aero L-29 Maya            Soviet
38 blue          Aero L-29 Maya            Soviet
92 red            Aero L-29 Maya            Soviet
(01 red)               Antonov An-14A Clod            Soviet
CCCP-32418        Antonov An-2
YL-LCD    CCCP-46400    Antonov An-24B        Aeroflot
CCCP-02660        Antonov An-2R
22 yellow            Antonov An-2TD Colt        Soviet
CCCP-24057       Kamov Ka-26
14 red            Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI Midget       Soviet
58 yellow       Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI Midget       Soviet
76 yellow       Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis Fishbed-L/N     Soviet
10 yellow       Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SMT Fishbed-J       Soviet
40 yellow       Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SMT Fishbed-J       Soviet
94 yellow       Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM Mongol-B       Soviet
06 red            Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21US Fishbed         Soviet
74 white        Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M Flogger        Soviet
16 red            Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MF Flogger        Soviet
34 red            Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25RBS Foxbat        Soviet
20 red             Mil Mi-24A Hind       Soviet
CCCP-31449    Mil Mi-4
09 red              Mil Mi-6 Hook        Soviet
17 red              Mil Mi-8T Hip-C       Soviet
27 white          Sukhoi Su-7BKL Fitter       Soviet
43 red              Sukhoi Su-7UM Fitter       Soviet
RA-65717         Tupolev Tu-134A-3      Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
53 red               Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire-A      Soviet
CCCP-38342     Yakovlev Yak-18T
22 red               Yakovlev Yak-28R Brewer      Soviet
OK-ZKC             Zlin Z-37A Cmelak

Also understood to be present but not seen by us as the giant Mil Mi-6 is in the way when looking from the terminal are;

72 red               LET L-13 Blanik        Soviet
60 white           Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27K Flogger-J2        Soviet
52 blue             Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29UB Fulcrum-B       Soviet
17 yellow         Mil Mi-1MU Hare        Soviet
22 red              Mil Mi-2 Hoplite        Soviet
21 red              Mil Mi-2 Hoplite        Soviet

We flew on Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100, RA-89058 of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines towards Moscow/Sheremetyevo. The flight was SU2101 and lasted 1 hour & 40 minutes.

On arrival, our stead headed to the Northern ramps of the airport and it
seems that is where the Superjets operate from and we were parked up amongst 20 of them! This unfortunately meant that we were given the opportunity to read off almost everything that was parked on that side of the field, either from the aircraft as we taxied in or from the very long bus ride back to the main airport on the South side. This was good for us as when you get Southside, you realise some of the items parked North side are either nose or tail on to you and therefore can’t be read off. After around one hour clearing the immigration and bag collecting process, we headed to the nearby Park Inn located close to the terminals.

The Park Inn was significantly cheaper than the very expensive Radisson Blu. The nearby Novotel is around the same price as the Park Inn, but doesn’t offer views as good as we found at the Park Inn or Radisson Blu but it is full of lovely Aeroflot ladies. The rooms that are needed at the Park Inn are standard rooms as they are located on the highest floors of 6 through to 8. The hotel has two views which they call towards the highway or Terminal D. We went for views towards Terminal D which means you can see all departures towards the West but no arrivals from the East. A highway view room will give you the opposite. If you need more than one room then just get ones on either side of the corridor so that you can share views of arrivals and departures as required. As we planned to spend most of our time here at the Radisson Blu Altitude Bar & Restaurant, the views at the Park Inn weren’t really an issue.

I checked ahead of this trip directly with the Radisson Blu hotel (which is
actually part of one of the terminals) and it is possible for non-guests to
use the Altitude Bar & Restaurant located on top of their hotel. This gives
excellent views of the airport and allows for photography – you may get some strange looks from the guests but the staff couldn’t care less about what you are doing with your big lens or scopes. The only problem is that it doesn’t open until 5pm going through to 2am, but this would only be an issue for us on one day of this trip. Food and drink is quite expensive up there, so we paced ourselves accordingly. There are many cheaper options down below in the terminal but that’s just plain rude we felt. It is just a 5 minute walk from the Park Inn or Novotel to the Radisson Blu.

Now as John and Garry were arriving later in the evening and would therefore be playing Aeroflot catch-up in the dark, I booked them an airport room view in the Radisson Blu – this was the most expensive price I’ve ever paid for one room for one night at an airport! This enabled them to retire when they wanted safe in the knowledge they could see all arrivals and departures from their room but it also allowed our whole group to spot from there the next morning when the Altitude Bar & Restaurant would be closed. I’m sure John will mention this in his report.


B-1782           Boeing 737-81B        China Southern Airlines
B-5960           Airbus A330-343X        Sichuan Airlines
B-6082           Airbus A330-243        China Eastern Airlines
B-6121           Airbus A330-243        China Eastern Airlines
B-6539           Airbus A330-343X         Hainan Airlines
B-8383           Airbus A330-343X         Air China
B-8426           Airbus A330-323X         China Southern Airlines
B-8549           Airbus A330-243        Capital Airlines
F-GRHV          Airbus A319-111        Air France
F-HEPG           Airbus A320-214        Air France
HL8001           Airbus A330-323        Korean Air
JU-1021          Boeing 767-34GER        MIAT Mongolian Airlines
LX-SIX             Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream G650
LZ-FBC            Airbus A320-214        Bulgaria Air
LZ-FBD            Airbus A320-214        Bulgaria Air
M-IGWT          Bombardier Aerospace Global 6000
M-ILAN           EMBRAER ERJ-135BJ Legacy 650
OH-LVK           Airbus A319-112        Finnair
OK-NEM          Airbus A319-112        CSA Czech Airlines
P4-KBH            Airbus A320-271N        Air Astana
P4-KDA            Airbus A321-231        Air Astana
P4-KUL             EMBRAER ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600
P4-MSG            EMBRAER ERJ-135BJ Legacy
RA-02808         British Aerospace 125-700B
RA-02858         EMBRAER ERJ-135BJ Legacy
RA-22424         Mil Mi-8AMT
RA-25777         Mil Mi-171C
RA-64024         Tupolev Tu-204-100S     Aviastar-TU Cargo
RA-73004         Boeing 737-76N         Gazpromavia
RA-89004         Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100      Centre-South Airlines
RA-89007         Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100      Centre-South Airlines
RA-89014         Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100      Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89015        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89017        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89023        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89024        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89025        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89026        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89027        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89032        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89041        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89042        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89043        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89044        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89045        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89046        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89047        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89052        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89056        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89058        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89059        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89060        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89062        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89063        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
RA-89065        Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet 100       Aeroflot-Russian
(RA-96005)     Ilyushin IL-96-300       Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
RF-72011         Antonov An-72P Coaler       Russian Border Guard Service
RF-72012         Antonov An-72P Coaler       Russian Border Guard Service
RF-72016         Antonov An-72 Coaler       Russian Border Guard Service
RF-76325         Ilyushin IL-76TD Candid       Russian Border Guard Service
RF-76326         Ilyushin IL-76TD Candid        Russian Border Guard Service
SP-LNA             EMBRAER ERJ-195LR        LOT Polish Airlines
(UR-DNK)         EMBRAER ERJ-145EU        Dniproavia
VP-BAD             Airbus A320-214       Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BAE             Airbus A321-211       Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BAF             Airbus A321-211       Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BAV            Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BAX            Airbus A321-211         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BAY            Airbus A321-211         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BAZ            Airbus A321-211         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BCA            Airbus A320-214         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BCB            Airbus A320-214         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BCE            Airbus A320-214         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BCF            Boeing 737-8LJ         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BCG           Boeing 737-8LJ         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BCI             Boeing 747-467F(SCD)        Sky Gates Airlines
VP-BDC            Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BDK            Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BEG            Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BEO            Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BET             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BEW           Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BFA            Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BFF            Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BFG           Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BFH           Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BFQ           Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BFX           Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BGD          Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BGF           Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BGG          Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BHN          Airbus A321-231        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BID            Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BIK             Boeing 747-46NERF         AirBridgeCargo
VP-BJA             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BJB             Boeing 777-21BER        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BJF              Boeing 777-21BER        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BJH             Boeing 777-212ER        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BJW            Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BKC             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BKQ            Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BKX             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BKY             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BLH             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BLL              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BLR              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BLY              Airbus A330-243        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BMB            Boeing 737-800         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BMD            Boeing 737-800         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BME             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BMF             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BML             Boeing 737-800         Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BMM            Boeing 737-800        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BMO             Boeing 737-800        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BNL              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BNP              Boeing 737-800        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BNT              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BOC              Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BPF               Boeing 737-800        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BRF              Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BSP              Boeing 737-82R        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BTG              Airbus A321-211      Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BTI               Airbus A320-214       Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BTL              Airbus A321-211       Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BTR              Airbus A321-211      Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BUI               Boeing 757-231        Uzbekistan Airways
VP-BUM             Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BUP              Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BWD             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BWE             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BWF             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BYU              Airbus A330-223        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BYW             Boeing 737-8Q8        Nordwind Airlines
VP-BZA              Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BZB              Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BZO              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BZP               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BZQ              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BZR              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-BZS              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VP-CLO              Dassault Falcon 900EX
VP-CLZ               Canadair Challenger 601-3R
VQ-BAX              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BAY              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BBC             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BBF             Airbus A330-243        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BCM            Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BCN             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BCQ             Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BCU             Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BEA              Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BED             Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BEE              Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BEG              Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BEJ               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BEL              Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BFE              Boeing 747-83QF(SCD)        AirBridgeCargo Airlines
VQ-BHM             Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BHN              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BIV               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BIW              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BKS               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BKT               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BKU               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BMX               Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BMY               Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BNS                Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BOH               Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BOI                Airbus A321-211        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BPI                 Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BPJ                Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BPV              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BPW             Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BQE              Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BQC              Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BQG              Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BQX               Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BQY               Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BQZ               Airbus A330-343X        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BRF                Boeing 737-808        Royal Flight
VQ-BRS               Airbus A321-231        Nordwind Airlines
VQ-BRV               Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BRW              Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BSG                Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BSH                Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BSI                  Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BSL                 Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BSU                Airbus A320-214        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BUB                Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BUC                Boeing 777-3M0ER        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BVO                Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BWA               Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
VQ-BWB               Boeing 737-8LJ        Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
YU-APC                 Airbus A319-131        Air Serbia


Grant Robinson

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