Future Tours

(updated Wednesday 4th May 2022)

These past few months have seen the dropping downwards of the original huge costs for PCR tests and some countries not only accept the much cheaper LFT alternative for travel but have dropped the testing requirement completely, if double vaccinated. The acceptance of double vaccination status by most civilised countries, means that we can at least have a go at pursuing our hobby abroad again.
There still remains the risk of events being cancelled at short notice and travel rules changing at the last minute, not just because of Covid but also the Ukrainian situation. Certainly your family and employment need to be taken into account before committing to any trips that I think are feasible and realistically going to happen. It’s also a given that you’ll need to be vaccinated if you want to have a go at the below. Despite the above, several successful trips have already run this year……
Tiger Meet/Araxos AB, Greece – Thu 12th to Sun 15th May 2022
Toulouse, France – dates to be confirmed for June 2022
Hamburg, Germany – dates to be confirmed June 2022
EAA AirVenture/Oshkosh & Chicago, USA – Thu 21st to Sun 31st July 2022
This trip had been planned for 2021 and will take in other aviation items in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. From the EAA (Oshkosh organisers) themselves, they say “More than 10,000 aircraft arrived at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin. At Wittman alone, there were 16,378 aircraft operations in the 10-day period from July 22-31, which is an average of approximately 116 takeoffs/landings per hour when the airport is open.”

It was a busy one! This year it is possible to do Fairford RIAT then Farnborough show and follow that up with Oshkosh. A mega July 2022…….with this trip comes the optional Indiana/Ohio extension to visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Dayton and the Grissom Air Museum at Grissom JARB
Indiana/Ohio extension to the EAA AirVenture/Oshkosh & Chicago tour – Sun 31st July to Wed 3rd August 2022

AirPower 22, Zeltweg, Austria – Thu 1st to Sun 4th September 2022
NATO & Czech Air Force Days, Ostrava, Czech Republic – Fri 16th to Sun 18th September 2022
Meeting A√©rien Des √Čtoiles et des Ailes, Francazal, France & combined Airbus sites tour- Sat 24th to Sun 25th September 2022
Hellenic Air Force Museum & Open Days, Greece (with 9H Travel)- Thu 3rd to Wed 9th November 2022

Avalon 2023 – Australian International Airshow, Australia – Sat 25th February to Sun 12th March 2023

Aero Friedrichshafen, Germany – Tue 18th to Sun 23rd April 2023

If any of you are interested in any of these, then please register your interest and I will keep you informed about any plans around these. I think it is quite clear by now that being double jabbed will be a requirement for relatively hassle free international travel, so please consider that before getting in touch.

Proposed tours being investigated currently and more details to follow. Please feel free to ask about any of these if interested and we will update you as to current progress;

USA October 2022 – 2 weeks taking in military bases, museums & Nellis AFB 75th anniversary air show.

Israel 2023