Future Tours

(updated Wednesday 13th May 2020)

Hamburg/Toulouse, Aero Friedrichshafen, Berlin, Tiger Meet & Portugal, Croatia, Karup & Denmark, Oshkosh and Moscow (ARMY) trips planned for March through to August are now cancelled due to Coronavirus issues. We are looking to reschedule Israel.

Hamburg tours are now cancelled until 2021 unless the COVID-19 situation changes. Globetrotter at Airbus Finkenwerder will not run tours for the foreseeable future.

Details and costs to be finalised on the following but of course these tours will only run if we see an improvement with the Coronavirus issue – the decision cut-off for the possible September trips will be by the end of June, so please get in touch if you fancy blowing off the cobwebs and actually get out there to see something, UK Government travel advice allowing!

Toulouse (Airbus & ATR) tour (click on advert picture below to see more details)

September 2020 (actual date to be confirmed) 


Toulouse (Airbus & ATR) tour (click on advert picture below to see more details)

December 2020 (actual date to be confirmed) 


Proposed tours being investigated currently and more details to follow. Please feel free to ask about any of these if interested and we will update you as to current progress.

Silac (Slovak International Air Fest) & Slovakia – August 2020 tbc

Ostrava (NATO days) – September 2020 tbc

Oshkosh, Chicago &  National Museum of the United States Air Force (Wright-Patterson) – July 2021

Hamburg/Toulouse (Airbus & ATR) – January, March, May, July, September & November 2021

Australia (100th anniversary of Royal Australian Air Force/Australian International Airshow) – November 2021 – exact dates to be confirmed