Future Tours

(updated Saturday 3rd April 2021)

I do not want to encourage anyone to do anything that goes against UK Government or any other country guidelines. As we have seen this past year, there has been no joined up thinking as every single country has taken differing approaches to controlling the virus, and this makes it impossible currently to know the following;
  • What events may or may not happen?
  • Whether we would be allowed to travel there and have to self isolate on arrival?
  • What would be open and what we would be allowed to do once in country?
  • Would we have have to self isolate on return?
Certainly your family and employment need to be taken into account before committing to any trips that I think are feasible and realistically going to happen.
So with that said, I will only be formally advertising three trips for now and they will be Oshkosh/Chicago in July, Moscow/ARMY Kubinka in August and Australia/Avalon in November/December. I’m not convinced that Friedrichshafen will happen in July and so I’m not planning anything for that one.
The ARMY event at Kubinka amazingly went ahead last year and so I imagine that will be OK next year and would be a great opportunity for you to tick the fantastic Monino museum off your bucket list.
Everything is crossed for Australia and I have hope that Avalon will go ahead given how the Australians have controlled the virus. The Australians really want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RAAF too. Please note that they have recently changed the dates again but I believe this is because it clashed with some other event.
As we see how the year pans out, there might be the chance to do a US storage field bash in conjunction with Seattle & Moses Lake. A lot of what has gone in storage won’t be coming back out and there will still be many MAX/777-9/KC-46 sitting around I think.
I will also be keen on restarting the always popular Toulouse/Hamburg trips but given how Europe is at the moment, this is more likely to be towards the end of the year.

Indiana/Ohio extension (National Museum of the United States Air Force) – Sunday 18th to Wednesday 21st July 2021

Oshkosh & Chicago – Thursday 22nd July to Sunday 1st August 2021

Moscow (ARMY) 2021 – Saturday 21st to Monday 30th August 2021 tbc

Australia/Avalon (100th anniversary of Royal Australian Air Force/Australian International Airshow) – Saturday 27th November to Monday 13th December 2021

Proposed tours being investigated currently and more details to follow. Please feel free to ask about any of these if interested and we will update you as to current progress.

Hamburg/Toulouse (Airbus & ATR) – July, September & November 2021