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EAA AirVenture/Oshkosh 2011 – Airventure Museum (Grant Robinson)

On the Wednesday morning of my Oshkosh week I woke up to torrential rain and the mother of all thunder storms. As I couldn’t see the situation improving quickly, I took this as a sign that it was the time to do the AirVenture Museum.

I kept myself amused here for around 3 hours making an impressive 66 new types in the process. Just the Mosquito RS712 dropped here as I saw that at Abingdon show in 1987 just before it departed for the USA and the ownership of Kermit Weeks.

I asked why it was displayed here and was told that the specialized wood veneer used in the construction of the Mosquito’s was made by Roddis Manufacturing in Marshfield, Wisconsin…


AirVenture Museum – Entrance hall:
N41ET Christen Eagle I c/n 0002
N42ET Christen Eagle I c/n 0003
N43ET Christen Eagle I c/n 0004
N442X Pitts S-1S Special c/n 117H
N58J Pitts S-1S Special c/n 107
N9J Pitts S-1S Special c/n LPS-1


AirVenture Museum – Main Museum Hall:
N4994P Aerocar One marked “N31214” c/n 1
NC13089 Aeronca C-2-N Deluxe Scout c/n A-253
NR12930 Art Chester Special c/n 1
no marks Bates Tractor Monoplane replica c/n unknown
N500BD Bede Aircraft BD-5 Micro c/n 1(5)
N2303 Bensen B.8M Gyrocopter autogyro c/n 1006
N121R (N5051V) Boeing-Stearman N2S-5 Kaydet c/n 75-8798
N69326 Bryan-Harris HP-18-LK-G Sailplane glider coded “H4” c/n 56
N515 Bucker Bü 133L Jungmeister c/n 31
no marks Bugatti 100P replica c/n unknown
(N186V) Cessna CG-2 Primary Glider no marks c/n 58
no marks Chanute-Herring Glider c/n unknown
N9167 Church Midwing JC-1 c/n 3
N33VK Cirrus VK-30 c/n 005
N9050C Corben Baby Ace c/n 101C
N9017C Corben Baby Ace D floats c/n 3
NX92Y Crosby CR-4 c/n 101
NX606PE Curtiss P6-E Hawk replica c/n 32-260
NC13546 Davis D-1-W c/n 304
N1114V de Havilland Canada DHC-1B-2 Super Chipmunk c/n 116-154
N6077V EAA A-1 Biplane c/n A1
N76BM EAA P-8A Super Acrosport c/n 280
N9PH EAA P-9 Pober Pixie c/n 109
N105RF Fokker DR.1 replica c/n 105
N3947B Harlow PJC-2 c/n 6
N953M Heath LNB-4 Super Parasol marked as “10374” c/n 1
N9360 Hegy RCH-1 “El Chuparosa” c/n 1
N100MK Herron/Keech LW-5 Autogyro c/n 1
N111PL Howard-Poberezny Pete III “Little Audrey” also marked as N27B c/n 1
NR12048 Laird LC-DGW 500 Super Solution 200 replica c/n 001
no marks Langley Aerodrome replica c/n unknown
N351C Loving-Wayne WR-1 Love c/n 1
N189BB Miller-Bohannon JM-2 Special c/n M-105
N107MX Monnett Moni c/n 001
NC7808 Monocoupe 113 c/n 247
N384L Neibauer Lancair 200 c/n LN1984
(N2001) Nieuport 11 replica no marks c/n 1
N12937 Pietenpol Air Camper c/n 1
NC3403K Piper J-3C-65 Cub c/n 22094
N11609 Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogyro c/n B-27
NX528 Pitts S-1 Special replica c/n 001
N22Q Pitts S-2 Special c/n 1001
N51G Pober P-5 Sport c/n 105
N59Y Roloff-Unger RLU-1 Breezy c/n 5537
N3WN Rotorway Executive c/n E-3076
N301LS Rutan Amsoil Racer c/n 01
N7EZ Rutan VariEze c/n 001
N27VV Rutan Vari-Viggen c/n 001
N-X-211 Ryan N.Y.P. “Spirit of St. Louis” replica c/n 1
N328KF Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne replica c/n 001
NC6V Sikorsky S-38 replica c/n unknown
NC718N Spartan C3-225 c/n A-12
NC408Y Stinson SM-8A Junior c/n 4243
N4453H Stits DS-1 Baby Bird c/n 001
N5K Stits SA-2A Skybaby c/n 9A60101
N88TH Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair I c/n 101
N21292 Taylorcraft BF-50 c/n 1086
N455DT Thorp T-18 Tiger c/n 455
N17RV Van’s RV-3 c/n 173
no marks Waco Primary Glider c/n unknown
N99CW Warwick W-5 Cosmic Wind c/n 4
NR13688 Wittman D-12 c/n 3 (N4486E)
N1292 Wittman DFA c/n 7
no marks Wright Flyer replica c/n unknown
N540KC Zivko Aeronautics Edge 540 c/n 0010


AirVenture Museum – Military Hall:
NX6667 Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair “13” c/n 9413
(C.4K-127) Hispano Aviación HA.1112-M1L Buchón (Messerschmitt Bf109G)
fuselage “7629” N109BF c/n 199
NX51NA North American XP-51 Mustang “41-038” c/n 73-3101
N9658H Stinson L-5E Sentinel 76-4297


AirVenture Museum – On display outside:
(RCAF23330) Canadair CL-13A Sabre Mk.5 falsely marked as “51-2740/FU-740”
N86JR c/n 1120
N23107 Cessna 150H Commuter c/n 150-68729
N999ML Culver PQ-14B c/n 44-68334
RS712/EG-F de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito T.3 N35MK c/n unknown
N7772 Douglas DC-3 Dakota falsely marked as “223835/A020” ex 43-2014 c/n 6338
N1196N Grumman J2F-6 Duck coded “4-J-1” ex Bu36976 c/n 36976
44-53087 Lockheed P-38L Lightning falsely marked as “2103993/393” N3800L c/n 422-8342
43-4432 North American B-25H Mitchell N10V c/n 98-21433
N35PP Prescott Pusher c/n 35
N9839E Schweizer SGS 1-26C c/n 270


AirVenture Museum – Wittman Hangar:
no marks Wittman Hardly Ableson c/n 3
N5747N Wittman W.8C Tailwind c/n 8
N18268 Wittman WX Buttercup c/n 5
N3259 Witts WV c/n 11


AirVenture Museum – Hangar 1:
NC17484 Aeronca LC c/n 2060
268 Ford Flivver replica c/n unknown
N43993 Mignet ME-2-Y c/n 2
N6119G Nicholas-Beazley Pobjoy Special Replica c/n T-9
NC151N Pheasant H-10 c/n 136
N1034 Snyder-Macready Baby Bomber Replica c/n 1
no marks Wright 1911 Model B c/n unknown


AirVenture Museum – Hangar 2:
NX264Y Keith Rider R-5 c/n A-1
N7533U Pietenpol Air Camper c/n 20


AirVenture Museum – Hangar 3:
NC19723 Aeronca K c/n K-244
N258H Bucker Bü 133C Jungmeister replica c/n 1
NC50H Curtis 50B Robin B-2 c/n 403
N891H Driggers L-A c/n 1-A
NC13191 Fairchild 24C-8 c/n 2009
NC16902 Fairchild 24H Delux c/n 3211
8902 Folkerts Henderson Highwing c/n unknown
N77RF Great Lakes 2T-1A Sport Trainer c/n 260
N18278 Haufe Dale Hawk 2 c/n 100
N319Y Helisoar HP-10 glider c/n 101
N954V Kreider-Reisner KR-21B c/n 1502
N34357 Meyers OTW-145 c/n 102
N15E Monocoupe 110 Special c/n 7W-97
N20741 Rearwin 6000M Speedster c/n 311
N-X-211 Ryan N.Y.P. “Spirit of St. Louis” replica N211 c/n 2
NC20953 Waco ARE c/n 5080
NC5814 Waco ATO c/n A-4
NC140Y Waco RNF c/n 3317
NC12472 Waco UEC c/n 3638


AirVenture Museum – Hangar 4:
N16291 Aeronca C-3 Collegian c/n A-668
N667EA de Havilland DH.82C Tiger Moth “8865” RAF? c/n DHC1667
NC28961 ERCO Ercoupe 415C c/n 57
NC24116 Funk B c/n 45
N3908 Pitcairn-Larsen PA-39 Gyro “BW-830” c/n M98
NC17372 Ryan SCW-145 c/n 201
NC13993 Spartan 7W Executive c/n 7W-2
N15045 Taylor E-2 Cub c/n 196



Grant Robinson

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