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Donnington Grove Country Club, Newbury – Saturday 5th January 2019 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

a very enjoyable morning was spent at the Icicle Refrozen Balloon Meet in the lovely grounds of Donnington Grove Country Club in Newbury. It was great to see lots of old faces and to also meet some new ones. The light conditions were not the best but the wind speed was perfect and hence a much bigger launch than normal from here was seen.

My pictures can be seen at;…/62861611@…/albums/72157688426046033


I noted the following free flying;

G-BHEU, Thunder & Colt Ax7-65 Srs.1 (238)
G-BUGY, Cameron V-90 (2800)
G-BUVB, Thunder & Colt 77A (2041)
G-BUYC, Cameron C-80 (3095)
G-BWMH, Lindstrand LBL-77B (152)
G-BWPP, Sky 105-24 (031)
G-BXUW, Cameron Colt 90A (4317)
G-BYMW, York? (unknown)
G-BYNN, Cameron V-90 (4643)
G-BZBJ, Lindstrand LBL-77A (646)
G-BZPW, Cameron V-77 (6245)
G-CBNI, Lindstrand LBL-90A (857)
G-CCVZ, Cameron O-120 (10586)
G-CDZO, Lindstrand LBL-60X (1104)
G-CFXP, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1168)
G-CHHL, Cameron C-80 (11673)
G-CIJJ, Cameron O-31 (11858)
G-CIKL, Ultramagic S-70 (70/01)
G-CINN, Cameron Z-31 (11179)
G-CIRL, Ultramagic S-90 (90/140)
G-CJEI, Ultramagic M-77 (77/398)
G-CJRO, Cameron Z-105 (12055)
G-CJXD, Ultramagic H-77 (77/381)
G-CKAI, Griffin RG28 (002)
G-CKUN, Bareford DB-6R (1)
G-CKVI, Cameron A-120 (12197)
G-CRZE, Ultramagic M-105 (105/195)
G-ENGR, Head Ax8-105 (380)
G-FELT, Cameron N-77 (1174)
G-GAGE, Cameron Z-105 (12038)
G-GBBT, Ultramagic M-90 (90/103)
G-JHAA, Cameron Z-90 (11647)
G-LORY, Thunder & Colt Ax4-31Z (171)
G-MOUZ, Cameron O-26 (12144)
G-NFVB, Cameron Z-105 (12107)
G-OIIY, UltraMagic S-70 (70/10)
G-OSAT, Cameron Z-105 (10564)
G-OWLY, Cameron C-70 (12092)
G-PATX, Lindstrand LBL-90A (778)
G-RECL, Cameron Z-105 (12239)
G-SCFC, Ultramagic S-90 (90/148)
G-WESS, Lindstrand LTL Srs 1-90 (051)
G-WIFI, Cameron Z-90 (10624)


Noted tethering:

G-AZER, Cameron O-42 (26)
G-AZKK, Cameron O-56 (32)
G-BBGZ, Cambridge Hot Air Ballooning Association 42 (CHABA 42)
G-BDBI, Cameron O-77 (162)
G-BHRK, Colt Saucepan 56SS (062)
G-BIYI, Cameron V-65 (722)
G-BRFF, Thunder & Colt 90A (1548)
G-BSON, Green S-25 (001)
G-MUSM, Thunder & Colt 77A (1073)


Best regards,

Grant Robinson


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