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AVALON airshow is being postponed from 23rd February to a later date in November 2021 (Grant Robinson)

Thanks to a tip-off from Stewart Toone, the following bad news has just been received…….

Next year’s AVALON airshow is being postponed from 23 February to a later date, likely to be in November.

The ADMA foundation, which organizes the biennial event, blamed the lengthy logistical lead times and uncertainty about international travel caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The move follows the postponement of its sister shows Land Forces and PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition.

AMDA chief executive Ian Honnery said, “Deferring AVALON 2021 to November will ensure the event serves its purpose as a powerful promotional and industry engagement forum on the way to business recovery and as a spectacular celebration of 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force.”

AVALON 2021, originally scheduled for 23-28 February, had special significance as it will celebrate the RAAF’s centenary.

The rebooted show will still mark the occasion, but will also have a new focus on how businesses can recover from COVID-19.

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition, better known as AVALON, is one of the world’s most prestigious airshows and aims to serve as a platform for engagement between industry, defence, government and academia.

“As the centrepiece of the Royal Australian Air Force’s Centenary celebrations, AVALON 2021 will have great national and international significance,” said Honnery. “Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes and we look forward to a November 2021 AVALON, where a century of distinguished service by the Royal Australian Air Force will be the theme, and the focus for the world’s aviation, aerospace and defence industries will be on promoting business for the future.”


Grant – Rest assured that I will still plan to go to the rearranged dates later next year when announced, COVID allowing. Please declare your interest if interested in joining me for a tour that will include a lot of Australia’s aircraft museums, wrecks and relics, main airports as well as good time at the show itself.

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