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Ashton Court, Bristol – Thursday 8th August 2019 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

The 41st annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta took one hell of a beating from the much predicted bad weather this weekend – such a shame for all involved in making this great event happen every year.

Fortunately an ‘extra’ launch to take place on the morning of Thursday 8th August was announced during Wednesday 7th August – this was of course in response to the very real possibility that this may be the only launch to take place during the event and so it proved.

This was enough notice for the wife and I to change our Exeter bound plans and fit in Ashton Court as we headed down the M4 and M5. My photos can be seen at;

My log as follows and the request is for the c/n of the Japanese please…..

B-00012, Cameron Standing Bear 105SS (12180)
G-BVBU, Cameron V-77 (3076)
G-BYHU, Cameron N-105 (4567)
G-BZJA, Cameron Fire Extinguisher 90SS (4757) tether only
G-BZYY, Cameron N-90 (10130)
G-CBWK, Ultramagic H-77 (77/218)
G-CCVZ, Cameron O-120 (10586)
G-CDGN, Cameron C-90 (10641)
G-CDIT, Cameron Z-105 (10702)
G-CDYL, Lindstrand LBL-77A (1098)
G-CEKS, Cameron Z-105 (11003)
G-CFEK, Cameron Z-105 (11176)
G-CGFY, Lindstrand LBL-105A (179)
G-CGVY, Cameron Z-77 (11474)
G-CGZR, Cameron Z-350 (11603)
G-CHFM, Cameron Z-120 (11625)
G-CIHG, Cameron Z-90 (11841)
G-CIHN, Cameron Z-120 (11785)
G-CIHO, Cameron Z-77 (11813)
G-CIXU, Cameron Z-77 (11450)
G-CIZM, Cameron Z-210 (11936)
G-CJLT, Cameron O-84 (12044)
G-CJRO, Cameron Z-105 (12055)
G-CJXI, Cameron A-300 (12069)
G-CJXJ, Cameron Z-105 (12027)
G-CKEG, Cameron Z-105 (12103)
G-CKFI, Cameron SS Drop-95 (12089)
G-CKTG, Kubicek BB-26E (1426)
G-CKTW, Cameron O-31 (11991) tether only
G-CKWW, Cameron Sport 50 (12192)
G-CLBH, Lindstrand LTL Series Special Boot (076)
G-CLCC, Cameron Sport 90 (12234)
G-CLGK, Ultramagic M-105 (105/236)
G-CLHV, Cameron Z-105 (12304)
G-CSEE, Kubicek BB-20ED (1405)
G-CXCX, Cameron Z-90 (11998)
G-DAAY, Ultramagic B-70 (70/25)
G-DKGM, Cameron O-56 (12150)
G-FMGB, Cameron Z-90 (11756)
G-GAGE, Cameron Z-105 (12038)
G-IBCF, Cameron Z-105 (11677)
G-IMCH, Lindstrand LTL Series Special Cube (089)
G-JHAA, Cameron Z-90 (11647)
G-JIMA, Cameron Z-105 (12321)
G-KAYI, Cameron Z-90 (10710)
G-MILE, Cameron Z-90 (10548)
G-NFVB, Cameron Z-105 (12107)
G-OFAA, Cameron Z-105 (10886)
G-OPBW, Cameron Z-150 (11891)
G-ORCV, Cameron Z-120 (12201)
G-OTCT, Cameron Z-105 (12070)
G-OWLY, Cameron C-70 (12092)
G-PAWW, Ultramagic M-90 (90/187)
G-PURP, Lindstrand LBL-90 (1387)
G-RECL, Cameron Z-105 (12239)
G-RENI, Kubicek BB-30Z (936)
G-RFLO, Cameron M-105 (105/213)
G-TOPB, Cameron Z-140 (11718)
G-WESS, Lindstrand LTL Series 1-90 (051)
G-XBXX, Lindstrand LTL Series 1-90 (099)
HB-QCD, Thunder & Colt Ax8-90 (3752)
JA-A1581, Cameron Sport 80 (unknown)
OO-BNT, Cameron N-160 (4540)
OO-BQZ, Cameron 105SS Head One “Darth Vadar” SS (10938)

Best regards,

Grant Robinson


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