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Aero Friedrichshafen 2020 tour added (Grant Robinson)

Tour advert for Aero Friedrichshafen – Tuesday 31st March to Saturday 4th April 2020

Following on this years successful visit to Switzerland and Germany, we will be going back to concentrate on the Aero event held at Friedrichshafen……get in touch if you or anyone you know might be interested…..

As a 5 day trip, we will spend 3 days visiting the popular Aero event held every year at Friedrichshafen. A large static as always is expected with around 200 aircraft in and the exhibition halls and this event usually attracts lots of visiting aircraft. Many of these visiting aircraft come and go each day so it is well worth spending time here each day with over 800 visitors noted during our 2017, 2018 & 2019 visits.

It is planned to fly to and met up at Geneva on the morning of Tuesday 31st March. From there we will drive to Bouchs/Stans, home of Pilatus Aircraft manufacturing, ready for an evening and next morning look at the hangars and flightlines – this was very successful last year. On the way to Stans, we will look at the bigger Swiss airfields of Lausanne, Grenchen & Bern.

On Wednesday 1st April, we will drive to Friedrichshafen where we have an apartment booked that is just 4 miles from the spotting points at Friedrichshafen airfield. Accommodation is hard to come by in the local area whilst this event is on, so this is a good location for us.

We will spend the remainder of Wednesday, Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd and early hours of Saturday 4th morning at Friedrichshafen giving plenty of time to observe the arriving and departing Aero visitors or to take your time looking around the Aero exhibition halls. Each day we will also visit nearby Markdorf where more Aero visitors are to be found – we saw around 400 different aircraft here during each of our combined 2017, 2018 & 2019 visits.

Also to be visited is the excellent Dornier Museum also located at Friedrichshafen. If the group desires and is happy to be away from Friedrichshafen for a few hours, then it might be possible to also do the Fliegermuseum at Altenrhein.

Depending on what time the group is happy to leave Friedrichshafen on Saturday 4th to be back at Basel for our flights home, we may have time to visit some Swiss airfields on the way back such as Konstanz, Lommis, Zurich Airport, Beromunster & Birrfeld.

Trip cost is £380 which includes flights from LTN or MAN, four nights accommodation & ground transport.
Not included are food or museum/Aero entrance fees.

John Tomlinson’s pictures and logs from the 2017, 2018 & 2019 trips can be seen at the OAG Facebook group or the website at

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