About Us

Welcome to the Oxford Aviation Group.

This site is a place where we can share our experiences as we pursue our hobby as serious aircraft enthusiasts. This can include photographs, airfield and trip reports and spotting information.
Having organised private tours in the past, we will be looking to advertise future ones on this site. As fellow enthusiasts, we will look to take in all forms of aviation on our travels – military, general aviation, commercial airliners, business jets, museums and preserved aircraft.
The tours we are planning on doing this and next year – updated Saturday 6th July 2019
Oshkosh & Chicago – July 2019
Moscow (MAKS Airshow) – August/September 2019
Czech Republic & Austria – August/September 2019
Hamburg – September 2019
Hamburg & Toulouse – November 2019
Berlin Air Show – May 2020 tbc
Israel – May 2020 (with Israel Aviation Tours) tbc
Tiger Meet (Beja) Portugal – May 2020 tbc
Australia (100th anniversary of Royal Australian Air Force/Australian International Airshow) – February/March 2021 tbc